white tulips fresh flowers on kitchen tables

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fresh flowers white tulips on kitchen table

Fresh Flowers! 
I like grabbing a bundle of chamomiles or tulips on my weekly trips to the grocery store. I don't know the exact science of it, but fresh flowers definitely boost my mood & make me feel happier. They're also a nice symbol to remind me that each week is a fresh start.   ☺︎ 
avocado toast on plate
Easy Breakfast/Snack! (aka Avocado Toast)

Wait, before you just scroll past this one I have one thing to say! Lol. I can never eat a full avocado in one sitting & end up wasting the half that I try preserving. SO I started getting the Teeny Tiny Avocados from Trader Joe's, & they're perfect for solo breakfasts. Once I eat something, I can focus on my work & actually have the energy to think creatively. 

spotify lo-fi beats low fidelity playlist
Low Fidelity Playlists! 

I'm the kind of person that gets distracted by music with lyrics so I always put on Lo-Fi beats in the background when I want to focus & be efficient. Lately, I've been loving this playlist on Spotify. 

Feel free to comment with some of your favorite things or ways you stay motivated/productive. Would love to hear from you.  ☺︎

xx, Laurel 
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