Laurel's Likes ✿ no. 5

Laurel's Likes ✿ no. 5

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acrylic west elm highball tumbler
These fluted cups!
As promised in my IG story, here is the link to my new iced matcha cups! They look like glass, but they're actually acrylic which is v. nice so I'm not as worried about breaking them. (Side Note: I ordered them August 1st & they didn't arrive until the end of October…they are worth the wait in my opinion, but just warning you that you may need to be patient!)

neutral aesthetic bedroom
My Neutral Bedroom!

TBH I've been loving this for a long time not just lately…there's just something about crisp white sheets & a neutral aesthetic that is so calming, especially in the bedroom. Sometimes I'm tempted to add in color but for now, I really appreciate this clean & simple vibe. The duvet & pillow covers are from my friend's organic hemp bedding company Amber Fort. The texture is amazing, & they get even better with use. 

cotton and comb sweatshirts sun smiley
C&C Crewneck Sweatshirts!

These sweatshirts were our first ever merch creations & they're almost sold out. I don't have any plans to create more, so now is the time to grab one before they're gone forever. Click here to shop the remaining sun logo sweatshirts & smiley sweatshirts we have left! 
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