Laurel's Likes ✿ no. 2

Laurel's Likes ✿ no. 2


iced matcha latte at home
Iced matcha lattes at home! 
Here's how I make mine: 
Grab a small bowl & add 1 tsp of matcha* with a splash of hot water, just enough to make a paste. Whisk in an “M” shape until you see bubbles. To make it sweet, I like adding agave nectar - it mixes better with the hot water instead of adding at the end. Next, fill a glass with ice & your favorite milk, then pour in the matcha & mix. Enjoy!
*My matcha of choice is from Mizuba!  ☺︎
levi dad jeans with green sweatshirt on girl with short hair

Yes, they deserve all caps. Lol. They are my best kept secret (until now). I recommend sizing down if you like jeans more fitted in the waist. Click here to shop!

rowsie vain hair oil vanity
My new hair oil routine!

I started putting hair oil all over my head BEFORE my workouts. It helps slick my hair back & keep the flyaways out of my face while I'm working out AND since I always wash my hair after sweating a lot, it's basically like a conditioning mask that I actually remember to do now. A win-win-win. 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 

xx, Laurel 

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