Laurel's Likes ✿ no. 4

Laurel's Likes ✿ no. 4

Last week I shared some productivity favorites, so I wanted to keep that thread going by sharing some things that help me stay organized in the kitchen next!


meal planning notepad etsy minimal

This Menu Planner!
It's magnetic so it lives on the fridge & can be easily referred to. I really like the grocery list column to the right so I can add to it throughout the week as we run out of things. It's perforated too so you can grab & go shopping without having to sit down & think through what you need! Click here to get yours. ☺︎
ikea spice rack tiny kitchen
This IKEA Spice Rack

We don't have a lot of storage so this little shelf is the perfect addition to our tiny kitchen. I think it's aesthetically pleasing & utilitarian. It holds just the basics & is conveniently in reach while cooking. 

fridge calendar magnetic
This Magnetic Calendar

Finally, a minimal magnetic calendar that's not hideous! I stick this on the fridge too. So helpful to have one both Jason & I can see every day. 

P.S. I use rubbing alcohol & a towel to wipe off the dried expo-markings at the end of the month. It looks brand new after that!

Let me know if you end up getting any of these things or what your favorite kitchen items are! Would love to hear from you. ☺︎

xx, Laurel 
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